• Red Dot: Product Design Award 2015 for the Marksman Twist umbrella!
    First umbrella in the market to be opened by twisting the handle (image courtesy of Yvonne Zaalberg)
  • Three more product designs awarded with a prestigious iF Product Design award 2015!
    Three product in different categories are recognized for their original idea and solid design
  • New styles added to the award winning Flow drinkware range
    Including brushed steel with grey/white tones and an all black edition
  • Glassware range for Flow introduced
    This brand extension brings Flow to the living room, including two glass carafes and a wine decanter
  • Click&Go keychain clip system
    Developed for easy and safe attachment for Marksman keychain products
  • Locator keychain for Marksman
    High grade aluminum container with SrAl vial that glows in the dark up to 8 hours (image courtesy of Yvonne Zaalberg)
  • Designs for 3D printing
    Ongoing study to design products for 3D printed manufacturing